Junior Preschool (3-4 years) – Grade 00

With well-developed personalities children now want and are quite able to make their own decisions, make new friends, analyze situations, and meet their own needs. They can now freely express their feelings and they show great sense of curiosity. They learn a lot by asking questions and being inquisitive. At this stage as educators we have to exercise great patience and understanding as we establish a foundation of support to guide them through this stage of their development. They are also taught about the importance of recognizing emotions and feelings in other children they socialize with. They get to know how to socialize and interact with peers without hurting each other’s feelings. Sometimes reading stories with valuable lessons related to such topics also vital. Our educators use planned activities and games to enhance children’s development in multiple areas such as language, reasoning, and problem-solving, gross motor and fine motor skills, creativity, and social-emotional domains. At this stage we work on children’s fine motor skills necessary start using a pencil to write.