Senior Preschool (4-5 years) Grade 0

Now they are well conversant with their daily preschool routine. One of our main objectives with this group is to promote skills necessary to succeed in primary school; with emphasis on early literacy and mathematical reasoning and Life skills. The curriculum for this age group is designed to develop these three learning areas. As we prepare them for “Big School” (Primary School) Kiddyz Palace Educare educators ensure children leaving our institution grasp every skill required for them to excel in Grade 1. Our preschool is known to be the very best in the region as all our graduates are all top learners in their various primary schools.
Our success lies with the quality of our staff, their dedication and mastery of the foundation phase learning. By the time they leave Grade 0, they will amongst other things be able to write the alphabet, write their names, they are able to recognize and spell short words. They are able to do simple additions, subtractions and sharing (division). Other life skills activities get them to be more aware of the world around. We instill in them problem solving skills and sometimes called survival skills. Their active involvement and participation in all activities and formal lessons is imperative. We also get to introduce them to computer lessons that help develop the three main areas of the foundation phase learning. As children progress, the curricular activities become more and more challenging so we ensure that children remain interested in all what they do. We also work very closely with the parents who are also made aware of our daily activities, tasks and formal lessons. Our Grade 0 learners also get to do weekly tests for which the parents also help them prepare at home. By the age of 5 their writing and reading are very well refined. We also get them to participate in art (painting). The children take part in plays (drama) which is extremely valuable when it comes to expanding their imagination. Our educators are there to help your child build the self-confidence needed to learn and be ready to undertake anything that comes their way. Kiddyz Palace Educare is happy and proud to be playing a vital role in laying a solid foundation in the lives of our future leaders. We are humbled.