NURSERY (6-18 months)

This is quite a sensitive stage in the child’s development with so many important milestones in areas such as physical development, attachment, perceptions, and emotions. At this age our teachers aim to also facilitate the infants’ motor skills, social-emotional capacities, and encourage their understanding of the world. Kiddyz Palace Educare nursery teachers assist and guide children through this critical period by providing them with tools and support necessary to foster their independence and establish trust in others and security within their environment. Cognitive development at this age requires a strong sense of security and attachment.

Our nursery educators spend quality one-on-one time with each child throughout the day. Our teachers strive to create that motherly bond with the children so as to instill a sense of security, attachment and confidence that the children need at this stage. The children need to feel loved and safe at all times as their basic needs of feeding, changing, sleeping and affection are met by the teachers. Hence, the children are introduced to well-established and consistent routines synchronized with the home routine. This is designed to meet each child’s individual need to ensure they learn and grow at their natural rate of development.

Our nursery has a very beautiful and age appropriate play area for both outdoor and indoor play. Our educators are dedicated to the well-being of your child and ensure all their basic needs are met to their fullest. We also encourage your child’s independence, and support their development through the well-planned curriculum activities. Our warm and positive relationship between parents and teachers also play an important role in enhancing the children’s level of comfort. First time parents will be amazed by the warm and loving atmosphere and also the level of dedication and dynamism of our educators.