Toddlers (2-3 years) Grade 000

At this stage the children’s sense of independence and self-worth is quite high and they can tell you what they want, what they like, what they don’t like and which activities they prefer. At this stage our teachers pay a lot more attention in guiding them through the choices they make. It is also a very sensitive stage because the children would sometimes like to be more in control and may make a whole lot of wrong choices and mistakes. We supervise them closely and encourage them even more when they make a right choice. They should never lose their sense of autonomy in the process, so their good choices must always be applauded and sometimes rewarded by the educator. Their self-worth and confidence is enhanced by the fact that they can now do their own daily routines like feeding and dressing themselves. Most of them at this stage will have had their toilet training, hence their confidence and sense of independence is quite high.

At this stage our comprehensive curriculum presents children with learning opportunities that encompass every aspect of their lives. Giving them a simple task such as counting the number of children in the class promotes early learning in mathematics. When we ask them to put the toys away in their proper place creates a clean and organized environment, and also promotes child’s ability to classify and categorize objects. Sharing objects, ideas, and thoughts encourages valued social and emotional skills. Praising them for successful completion of any given task boosts their confidence. All tasks given to the children must be age-appropriate and whenever they encounter difficulties with any task, the teachers will diligently guide them through, letting the child to do most of the tasks by themselves. This will encourage them and so they don’t lose their new found confidence.

Because of their increased levels of concentration at this stage we introduce structured activities such as story time, building age-appropriate puzzles, and other non-structured activities such as building blocks.