Young Toddlers (18-24 months)

At this formative stage they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Their learning accelerates. Their vocabulary improves dramatically. They are now transforming into toddlers. They are more active and like to participate more in classroom activities. They like to explore more than ever before. They now develop and express a greater sense of independence.

Our teachers at this stage in partnership with the parents, aim at focusing all these new found energy into learning new skills and boosting their new found sense of self-worth and confidence.
Their program at this stage is designed to help children improve their emergent language and cognitive capacities, refining their fine motor skills and strengthening their gross motor skills. This is achieved by presenting fun, challenging, and attainable tasks for children. Our educators ensure that all the tools and knowledge necessary for children to discover new things, explore the world around them and to genuinely love the learning process are effectively provided. We teach them acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours and actions. They also get to learn about important concepts such as time (for example, nap time, snack time, bathroom time, activity time). They get to learn about property (for example, mine, yours, ours), and even more complex concepts such as categorization like grouping and sorting. We also teach and encourage them with problem solving to give them more meaningful learning opportunities which support their cognitive development.

At this stage we also use a lot of singing, reading, rhymes, circle time discussions and other group activities and interactions to help boost their language skills. At Kiddyz Palace Educare physical activity is part of our curriculum for all age groups. They skip, run, jump, spin, walk, hop, throw and catch balls and a lot more. We also introduce toilet training to those children who show signs of being ready for it.